SQUAD 61 - March 2015 - St. Patrick's Day

(L-R: FF Keith Donovan, FF Lou Amoroso, FF Tony Zeolla & FF Charlie Wendland in the kitchen)

The Housewatch

(L-R: FF Brian Biggs, FF Victor Vene, FF Dean Psathas, FF Mike Razukiewicz, FF Steve Hardwick, FF Doug Lotten, & FF Keith Donovan at Memorial Day 2009)

SQUAD 61 Rafting Trip

SQUAD 61 Rafting Trip

(L-R / FF Weaver Debe, Lt. Kevin Quinn, FF Andy Dick, FF Alex Streichenwein, FF Kevin Legacy, & FF Dave Collado)

West Point Army vs. Navy Football 2005

02/07/09 - All Hands Box #2873 - (L to R - Jimmy Skelly and James "Stan" Meusel)
- photos by Kevin Heckman

(L-R: FF Dave Abreu, FF Joe Alfonso, FF Mike Fassino & FF Brian Biggs in the kitchen)

(L-R - FF Weaver Debe, FF Bob Bentkowski (now BN-20), Lt. Kevin Murphy (now captain), FF Dave Collado, & FF Kevin Legacy)

FF Lou Amoroso performs maintenance on a partner saw after a top floor job.

01/20/09 - 5th Alarm photo by Kevin Heckman - (L to R - Brian Biggs, Tony Zeolla,
Alex Streichenwein, Mike Razukiewcz, and Jimmy Skelly) - photos by Kevin Heckman

(L-R: FF Keith Donovan, FF Alex Streichenwein, FF Dave Abreu, & FF Weaver Debe during a shoring drill in the basement)

01/20/09 - 5th Alarm - (L to R - FF Mike Razukiewicz and Jimmy Skelly)

FF Weaver Debe starts a few of the squad's saws during 18:00 hour roll call.

11/15/08 - All Hands Fire 213 Husson Avenue - Squad FF Collado enters 2nd floor window via 20' portable ladder to VES.

Squad 61 Hurst Tool Setup

After a real busy 24 hours

(L-R: FF Charlie Wendland, FF Lou Amoroso, & FF Rich Barry at the Squad workbench)

Members are visited by French Firefighters. Working L-R: Keith Donovan, Dave Abreu, & Victor Vene

Arc Air torch uses cutting rods to instantly cut metal.

(L to R: FF Weaver Debe, FF Jim Skelly, FF Kevin Legacy, FF Steve Hardwick)






2008 - Bronx 4th alarm - Cross Bronx Expressway - Fire on the top floor of a 6 story H-type occupied multiple dwelling. SQ61 operated on the top floor pulling ceilings and on the roof to assist with search and ventilation.

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